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Daily torpor in mice: high foraging costs trigger energy-saving hypothermia.

Schubert, K. A., A. S. Boerema, L. M. Vaanholt, S. F. De Boer, A. Strijkstra, S. Daan


  • Journal Article

Deletion of TASK1 and TASK3 channels disrupts intrinsic excitability but does not abolish glucose or pH responses of orexin/hypocretin neurons

Gonzalez, J. A., L. T. Jensen, S. E. Doyle, M. Miranda-Anaya, M. Menaker, L. Fugger, D. A. Bayliss, D. Burdakov


  • Journal Article

Differences in sleep, light, and circadian phase in offshore 18:00-06:00 h and 19:00-07:00 h shift workers

Thorne, H., S. Hampton, L. Morgan, D. J. Skene, J. Arendt


  • Journal Article

Daily timed meals dissociate circadian rhythms in hepatoma and healthy host liver

Davidson, A. J., M. Straume, G. D. Block, M. Menaker


  • Journal Article

Do night-active birds lack daily melatonin rhythms - A case study comparing a diurnal and a nocturnal-foraging gull species

Wikelski, M., E.M. Tarlow, C. M. Eising, T.G.G. Groothuis, E. Gwinner


  • Journal Article

Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence.

Hastings, J.W., W. Schultz


  • Journal Article

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