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Genome-wide analysis of redox-regulated genes in a dinoflagellate

Okamoto, O. K., J. W. Hastings


  • Journal Article

Ground squirrel activity during the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999.

Spoelstra, K., A. Strijkstra, S. Daan


  • Journal Article

Gonyauline: a novel endogenous substance shortening the period of the circadian clock of a unicellular alga

Hastings, T. Roenneberg, H. Nakamura, L. D., 3rd Cranmer, K. Ryan, Y. Kishi, J. W.


  • Journal Article

Green light attenuates melatonin output and sleepiness during sleep deprivation

Horne, J. A., J. Donlon, J. Arendt


  • Journal Article

Growth and luminescence of the bacterium Xenorhabdus luminescens from a human wound

Colepicolo, P., K. W. Cho, G. O. Poinar, J. W. Hastings


  • Journal Article

Genetic control of melatonin synthesis in the pineal gland of the mouse

Ebihara, S., T. Marks, D. J. Hudson, M. Menaker


  • Journal Article

Glutamate Functions in Osmoregulation in a Marine Bacterium

Makemson, J.C., J. W. Hastings


  • Journal Article

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