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Unilateral visual stimulation reduces REM sleep latency.

van Bunnik, B. A., A. S. Boerema, A. A. Wijers, D. G. Beersma, S. Daan, A. Strijkstra


  • Journal Article

Unilateral visual stimulation results in increased subjective sleepiness.

Boerema, A. S., B. A. van Bunnik, A. Strijkstra, A. A. Wijers, D. G. Beersma, S. Daan


  • Journal Article

Use of melatonin in the treatment of phase shift and sleep disorders

Skene, D. J., S. W. Lockley, J. Arendt


  • Journal Article

Ultradian rhythms in Desmodium (Minireview)

Engelmann, W., B. Antkowiak


  • Journal Article

Use of melatonin in circadian rhythm disorders and following phase shifts

Skene, D. J., S. Deacon, J. Arendt


  • Journal Article

Ultradian endocrine rhythms are altered by a circadian mutation in the Syrian hamster

Loudon, A. S., N. L. Wayne, R. Krieg, A. Iranmanesh, J. D. Veldhuis, M. Menaker


  • Journal Article

Use of the OXALIS program

Engelmann, W. Schuster J.


  • Journal Article

Use of an intraruminal soluble glass bolus containing melatonin for early lamb production

Poulton, A. L., D. C. Brown, E. M. Thomas, M. I. Kelly, A. M. Symons, J. Arendt


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