The Entrainment manuscripts Archive

Entrainment of a circadian pacemaker by brief light pulses

I. The empirical basis of a model – by C.S.Pitendrigh

II. Criteria for stable entrainment – by E.A.Ottesen, C.S.Pittendrigh, S.Daan

2 complete manuscripts from the 1970’s explaining empirical basis and modeling predictions of Pittendrighs model on non-parametric entrainment of Drosophila eclosion rhythms. The manuscripts were intended for submission to The American Naturalist, but this never happened. A third manuscript in the series (III. Experimental tests of the model – by C.S.Pittendrigh et al.) did not reach completion. I and II have been transcribed to Word by Michael Tackenberg in 2015

The Entrainment manuscripts Files

Criteria for stable entrainment

Eric A. Ottesen, Colin S. Pittendrigh, Serge Daan

Revealing Oft-cited but Unpublished Papers of Colin Pittendrigh and Coworkers

Michael C. Tackenberg, Carl H. Johnson, Terry L. Page, Serge Daan


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